Five Reasons why: Pilot

A pilot is a crucial role in the aviation industry where they’re responsible for everything that occurs from checking the plane, taking off, in-flight travel, and landing.  Airline pilots fly a variety of aircrafts like aeroplanes and helicopters. They’re employed by commercial airlines, cargo and charter companies to fly on domestic and international routes. If you’re already thinking about being a pilot, visit our courses to find out the pathways, however, if you’re still considering it, here are five reasons why you should be a pilot!

1.    It’s exciting

The aviation industry is one of the most exciting and rewarding industries to work in. Pilots can choose from several different employers such as commercial airline companies, agriculture services, aerial surveying services and aeromedical services - there are multiple opportunities! You’ll have to undergo a series of flight tests, medical exams and accumulate flight hours to earn the highest certification a pilot can obtain. With the number of things, you need to achieve, being a pilot will provide you with some sense of accomplishment.

2.    You’ll learn a lot

Pilots develop a lot of important skills while training to be a pilot and even in the mature stages of their career. It’s considered to be one of the top hardest jobs in the world. Pilots on duty must respond to challenging situations quickly and correctly where problem-solving skills are key to flying safely and professionally. You’ll learn to be more patient and to make better logical decisions while flying.

3.    The view

30,000 feet up in the air, you’ll discover the world around you like never before! It's a known fact that a pilot’s office beats any office on the ground, with a birds-eye view of different countries to views of mountains and rainbows, you never really know what you’ll see above the clouds. 

4.    Travel the world

While being a pilot does have its set of challenges, pilots have the privilege to frequently travel around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and experience the culture of different lands and countries. Meeting new people, exploring new cities; its undoubtedly the biggest perk of being a pilot.

5.    It’s challenging

With great power comes with great responsibility, and that includes flying in a multimillion-dollar aircraft. Being a pilot comes with a lot of responsibility because they’re accountable for the safety of the flight, plane and passengers. You might think that it’s a flight attendants’ primary concern to take care of its passengers, but pilots are equally accountable for the safety of the plane and passengers. It’s very important that they ensure the journey travels smoothly on air. Pilots must have the ability to think analytically and creatively, and this makes it an important skill for pilots to succeed.


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