Five reasons why: Programmer

Programmers write, test and maintain computer programs to ensure that the computer application meets the needs of the users of the computer system. It’s a job that’s in high demand, meaning your future employment prospects are looking good. 

Are you logically minded, have a sharp eye for detail and excellent critical thinking skills? Here are five reasons we think you should consider being a programmer:

1. It’s a great way to be creative

As a programmer, there will be many opportunities for you to enhance your creativity. Many programmers do so by joining different competitions, and different contests such as hackathons. Many people say that it changes the way you think about programming languages and solves problems. There are unlimited things you can do with code; for instance, you can make games, chatbots, and even apps.


2. You can learn a new language

Computer programming is way more than writing a few lines of code — you’ll need to learn how to write in a different language. Programming languages like Swift, Kotlin, Python and Ruby are just a few you can learn. The language you choose to learn will be entirely up to you, as each one has the exact same goal: to instruct a computer to do something.


3. It promotes logical thinking

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple once said that everyone should learn programming because it teaches them to think. Programmers need very good attention to detail. A single missing semicolon can stop their scripts or languages from running properly. Programming teaches people to use computer skills to critically think and create new technologies. They are required to analyse an issue while systematically attempting solutions and learning from unsuccessful attempts to fix a problem.


4. It’s a stimulating job

Programmers think differently. The best programmers are ones who constantly learn to produce better products. It’s an exciting job where you must keep up to date with the latest programming language and emerging technology trends.


5. It’s the profession of the future

As our world advances with technology, there is a demand for programmers and IT specialists. Programming careers are offering incredible perspective to people and even today, parents are encouraging their kids to sign up for programming courses. Computer and data science will continue to be one of the most important job scopes in the industry because it’s a field with endless possibilities and opportunities.


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