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Should I Join The Defence Force?

Should I Join The Defence Force?

The defence force is more than just being a soldier. Across the Australian Defence Force (ADF), there are more than 200 career opportunities, featuring worldclass training and education. 

The defence force offers a clear path, guaranteed salary and superannuation, and the chance to progress in your career and education. You can gain tertiary qualifications while serving and work at the cutting edge of technology, with the latest equipment and tools. 

The defence force is more than just studying for a degree to get a job. You service will include challenges and you may be deployed to some of the world’s most dangerous places. Your time training will teach you leadership, character and life-skills to face obstacles, while earning a good salary and generous super. 

Like any pathway, the defence force isn’t necessarily the right decision for everyone, however the range of options means it is becoming a real choice for more people.

Is the Australian Defence Force (ADF) right for me?

Often, those who excel process the following;

  • A high level of discipline
  • A high standard of appearance and behaviour
  • Physical fitness
  • Ability to cope with time away from family and friends

Advantages of working for The Australian Defence Force (ADF)

  • Specialist training in new fields
  • Tertiary study in specialist areas
  • Free medical and dental cover
  • Ongoing training in your chosen field

Broadly speaking, there are two directions you can go when joining the Australian Defence Force:

1. General Entry into ADF

Technical General Entry

If you would like to become a mechanic, electrician, carpenter, or one of the technical trades, then Technical General Entry is for you. You will need a good understanding of maths, English, science and one other subject to a Year 10 level.

Non-Technical General Entry

If you are more interested in being a cook, dental assistant, or other general military role, then the other trades option is Non-Technical General Entry. Again, it requires the completion of maths and English to a Year 10 level. Some roles require a pass in Year 10 maths and science, or passes in Year 11 and above. 

2. Officer Entry into ADF

Australian Defence Force Academy

Through ADFA, new recruits can start a career in the ADF, undertake military training and be paid to study a degree from UNSW. Based in Canberra, ADFA offers world-class military training and courses in a diverse range of fields, including arts, business and management, engineering, science and mathematics, computing and information systems, and more. You will receive a full salary during study, free healthcare, subsidised accommodation, a guaranteed job on graduation and have your fees paid in full, plus receive a textbook allowance. 

Sponsorship into ADF

If you’re already studying an accredited degree at any recognised Australian university, you can become a member of the ADF and have the rest of your education sponsored. You’ll receive a full salary during study, free healthcare, subsidised accommodation, a guaranteed job on graduation and have your fees paid from the day of joining, plus receive a textbook allowance.

Graduate study into ADF

If you have graduated with a recognised degree, you can apply for an officer role through the Graduate Entry path. You’ll receive further training and postgraduate study opportunities in the ADF, with all fees paid and a salary.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Careers

For information about specific roles, take a look at the job descriptions for:

Courses Related to The Australian Defence Force

The main fields of study that the ADF will sponsor degrees in are:


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