What type of uni student are you?

What type of uni student are you?

University is a completely different place to high school, and you must learn to adjust quickly. You may not know anyone at the beginning but you are sure to meet a variety of characters throughout your university studies. Try and see which one you are.

The Introvert

You are completely out of your depth. Used to knowing people around you and feeling comfortable you’re unsure how to handle the crowd of strangers who sit around you. Therefore, you aren’t putting your hand up anytime soon to answer questions. You’ll just sit in the odd lecture and attend the workshops in pure silence, only answering or presenting if asked to. It’s not that you don’t care – you just have no idea how to go about it and need some time to adjust before you start to feel at ease.

The Eager Beaver

You love uni. You spend your days off preparing for the next week of lectures and workshops. Extra readings are a must, and you know all the content before the week even begins. When the lecture rolls around, you are seated 10 minutes early, your laptop set up with notes and questions. You ask questions and are eager to contribute to discussions. You are trying your hardest – why wouldn’t you want your lecturer to know your name by the end of week one?

The Bar Fly

School is done. There is no obligation to turn up. Why would you? If it’s all online, you’ll see it and learn it all in your own time. Which is never. Other people in your course wouldn’t even be aware of your existence. You never turn up, and you don’t intend you. You’ll somehow submit your assignments in the nick of time and rock up to the exam without a clue of what you are meant to know. None of this bothers you – the pubs and bars are always open nearby and that year full of fun is well worth the shoddy results.

The Eeyore

For some reason you wake up every time you need to and get to your lectures on time. You barely take notes, and just complain. This lecturer sucks, why is he making so many bad jokes? The workshops are useless – you have a job you would rather go to so that you can at least earn some money. You make friends there, and you all end up laughing about how much you hate being there. You know you need the qualifications, but you don’t enjoy having to sit through it. Wasn’t it all meant to be over after school? Despite your grievances, you will attend everything, if only to tick the boxes.

The Free Spirit

You’re pretty carefree. Your new group of friends and acquaintances all view you as a good laugh and great fun. You like to make jokes and take university light-heartedly, and spend way too much money on food and the obligatory Officeworks run that is ultimately unnecessary. You’ll attend most classes (unless you’re sick or have work, or a social event), and you are happy with what you have chosen to do. The course is interesting and you like some of the people with you, so you’ll happily let your university life fly by.

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