How to stay motivated this semester

How to stay motivated this semester

Now that uni is a couple of months in, your motivation levels might have started to drop. This is only natural after being in holiday mode for so long, especially for those in or approaching their final year. If you ™re struggling to find motivation for the semester ahead, we provide some tips to help you get back on track.

Think of the bigger picture

The easiest way to stay motivated is to think about the future and why you decided to apply for your course in the first place. Think of how your degree will help you in your quest for your dream job and consider the valuable skills you ™ve gained so far.

Aim for a healthy balance

As the semester continues and assessment starts to build up, it ™s important to still allow yourself some time to relax and have fun. Social occasions or events can be great for motivation, acting as an early personal deadline for assessment ” you ™re sure to enjoy yourself more if you don ™t have an assignment hanging over your head. At the same time, leaving everything until the last minute is only going to leave you annoyed and stressed.

Take things one step at a time

It ™s easy to become overwhelmed by the semester ahead, so try to narrow your focus on what you can actually work on and prioritise your assessment by due dates and the required workload. There ™s no point stressing over things you have no control over or that you don ™t need to worry about just yet. Setting goals and making a plan for the week will make you feel like you are achieving something and getting closer and closer to the holidays ahead.

Consider the positives

Like in high school, the thought of heading back to study after the long summer break fills a lot of students with dread, but there are always some positives that come with being back at uni. Perhaps you ™re looking forward to spending some time with friends each week or maybe you ™re excited about a certain subject or specialisation. At the very least, each week you spend studying brings you one step closer to graduation and your chosen career.

Surround yourself with people who will motivate you

If your friends tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to assessment and studying, it ™s easy to fall into the mindset of ˜at least I ™ve done more than they have ™. On the flipside, surrounding yourself with people who are too intense can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed. A group of like-minded study mates can help keep you motivated throughout the semester, especially when you can combine study with socialising.

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