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Positive mental health tips for students

Use these tips to stay balanced and healthy. 
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Which TAFE courses are free in Victoria?

Thanks to the Victorian Government’s $172 million investment to help fill industry skills gaps, over 40 TAFE courses and 20 apprenticeship pathway courses are free!

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Five Reasons why: Aged Care

According to the Australian Government, the percentage of Australians over 65 is projected to increase to 18.7 per cent by 2031 — that’s a big jump from the recorded 13.8 per cent in 2011. 

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Should teachers be adding a psychological string to their bows?

The prevalence of teachers serving as counsellors and confidants, not only for students but other staff raises an interesting question: how could a qualification in psychology benefit teachers when it comes to dealing with students and even broadening their own career aspirations?

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