AMSA Rural Elective Bursary

Australian Medical Students' Association

Rural and Indigenous health provides a fantastic opportunity for health practitioners to experience challenging, holistic and hands-on medicine in areas of definite need. AMSA believes that positive, supported rural placements will enable students to experience rural medicine and hopefully result in students returning to the country to practice later in their careers. AMSA offers Rural Elective Bursaries annually to medical students, designed to help with the cost of planning and undertaking the elective.
Eligibility Applicants must: be Australian medical students; be members of their rural health club (if applicable); not be in receipt of a John Flynn scholarship; not have previously received an AMSA rural health bursary; not be members of the current AMSA Executive; undertake an elective for a minimum of 4 weeks, except where the compulsory elective period in the course of study is for a shorter period, when the elective must be for the entire allocated time; and undertake an elective in a rural health setting, or with an Indigenous health service provider within Australia.
Annual Amount$ 1000
Application Closing Date Mid June
Support Type Travel Grant within Australia
Level of Study Bachelor Degree (Pass)
Gender Co-Ed
Frequency of Offer Annual
length of Support 1 (year)
Field of study Medicine
Location of study
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