Getting into a course

Getting into a course

So, you've chosen your institution and you've decided what to study ” now it's time to think about getting into your dream course. The first step is understanding the entry requirements and application process, which can often seem complicated and confusing. Once you've developed a good understanding of how it works, you'll be in a much better position to go about checking the entry requirements of your course and applying. The information in this section can help you navigate through the process of "getting in", so you'll be studying your course in no time.

First off, you need to check the entry requirements and ensure that you meet them in order to be eligible for entry into your course. If you don't meet the entry requirements, you may be able to complete pathway study to get into the course you want. Finally, you will need to submit your application ” whether this is through a Tertiary Admission Centre or directly to the institution.

This section covers the following:

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