Built environment courses in Australia

This is a small field as far as student numbers go, but its scope is huge. The term ‘built environment’ refers to everything that is man-made, as opposed to a part of the natural environment. This includes the objects inside our homes and businesses, as well as our buildings, communities and cities.

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Built environment is a multidisciplinary field, meaning that it covers a range of quite diverse disciplines that can be found in different faculties or schools at universities. Specialisations differ considerably in the approach they take to the constructed environment. Some are concerned with building it, others with its sale, management or maintenance. Some consider how to sustain it, while others focus on its creation.

Between them, the courses in this field attract the recognition and accreditation of a number of different professional bodies. Depending on the specific field you choose, your course should be recognised by one or several professional associations.

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If you are interested in this field, you should also browse through the architecture profile. If your interests are in the planning and management side of things, have a look at programs or specialisations in fields such as environmental studies , humanities and social sciences and business and management . If you prefer the technical side, refer to the engineering and technology and surveying fields.