Engineering and technology

Engineers help to make things that we use on a daily basis — from the cars we drive and the medical technology we depend on, to our cities’ buildings and our regions’ water supplies. Inspired? You should be. This profession boasts many important achievements, and there would appear to be many more ahead.

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In particular, engineering and technology graduates of the next few years are tipped to be instrumental in meeting challenges related to environmental change and the technology (for example, nuclear technology) that may be employed to generate alternative energy sources. Engineers Australia Magazine’s ‘Top 100’ list of most influential engineers shows just how capable engineers are as leaders and how much impact they can and will have on meeting the challenges of the future.

For more information about careers in engineering, check out the Engineers Australia , Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers and Consult Australia websites.

If you are interested in the field you could also consider architecture , built environment , computing and information technology , environmental studies , some sciences and surveying . If you’re an engineer considering a move up the corporate ladder, you should also look into business and management courses.