Health services and support

The health services and support field encompasses a wide range of professions. Some health workers focus on running things (such as those in health administration); some on advising and educating people (health promotion or occupational health and safety); some on working for or advising public agencies and other organisations (public health); and some on delivering health services (radiography or nutrition).

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Before commencing tertiary study, it is likely that you may have little knowledge about the breadth of courses and occupations in this field. We strongly recommend that you research the course you are interested in and ask the provider to suggest organisations that employ people in the field so that you can go and talk to some of them. You may be surprised how pleased people are to talk about their work, even if you ring up out of the blue.

If you are interested in health services you should also see what is on offer in the fields of rehabilitation , nursing , medicine , dentistry , social work and veterinary science .