How to become a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft maintenance engineers install, maintain and repair aircraft engines; airframes; airframe systems; electrical, instrument and radio systems; and aircraft structures and surface finishes.

Personal requirements of a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

  • Enjoy technical and engineering activities
  • Medically fit, with good hearing and vision (colour blindness may make people unsuitable for some aircraft trades)
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Able to concentrate for long periods
  • Neat and accurate
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to work in confined spaces and at heights on platforms around aircraft (for some specialisations)

Education & Training for a Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

To become an aircraft maintenance engineer you usually have to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10. You can also become an aircraft maintenance engineer by completing a VET qualification in aeroskills. As subjects and prerequisites can vary between institutions, you should contact your chosen institution for further information. For further details, visit

Additional Information
After graduating with an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) trade certificate and gaining the necessary experience, you may undertake further training to become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME). An aircraft maintenance engineer can only work on aircraft under the supervision of a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer.
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