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Architects use creativity and a practical understanding of structures and materials to develop concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings for buildings and other structures. They negotiate with builders and planning authorities, administer building contracts and inspect work that has been carried out.

Architectural draftspeople complete architects' and other designers' concepts by preparing documents (drawings or plans) and liaising with builders and contractors.

Bricklayers lay bricks, concrete blocks and building blocks in mortar to construct and repair internal and external walls, partitions, arches and other structures.

Builders coordinate the construction of dwellings and other structures, while also physically completing projects and adhering to safety standards.

Building site managers supervise the work carried out on construction sites.

Building surveyors advise on, interpret and enforce laws and regulations regarding building construction and safety.

Building technicians assist with the building of houses and work on commercial projects, usually undertaking supervisory roles.

Carpenters construct, erect, install, finish and repair wooden and metal structures and fixtures on residential and commercial buildings. They may also carry out work on large concrete, steel and timber structures such as bridges, dams, power stations and civil engineering projects.

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Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service (AATIS)

Civil engineering technologists assist civil engineers in the research, design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering projects. Typical projects include dwellings, large buildings, railways, roads, bridges, airports, ports and docks, dams and water supply systems.

Concreters place, spread, compact, finish and cure concrete for buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges and marine structures, using hand tools and automated machinery.

Construction managers are responsible for coordinating the construction of large building projects such as hotels, factories, office blocks, home unit developments, schools, hospitals and housing developments.

Construction workers assist on building and construction sites by doing a range of manual labouring jobs. Construction workers may help erect rigging or structural frameworks to allow construction to occur safely and efficiently.

Crane operators control mobile or stationary cranes to lift, move and place objects at locations such as building and construction sites, wharves and shipyards.

Drainlayers install, maintain and repair pipes in stormwater or sewerage systems drains, and install associated sewerage or effluent disposal systems.

Floor finishers and coverers install and repair floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, rubber, cork, parquetry and timber flooring. They may specialise as hard floor finishers, textile layers or resilient layers.

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