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Building Surveyor

Building surveyors advise on, interpret and enforce laws and regulations regarding building construction and safety.

Duties & Tasks
Building surveyors may perform the following tasks:
  • provide advice and assistance to builders and owners before finalisation and lodgement of building plans to avoid potential problems
  • assess building plans submitted for approval to ensure they conform to building regulations and codes of practice
  • make recommendations on matters such as the provision of amenities for the community
  • issue building permits
  • carry out pre-purchase inspections of all types of buildings
  • inspect buildings during construction to ensure proper methods and materials are used and that they conform to building regulations
  • keep records and write reports on building progress in instances where regulations have been breached and plans have been altered
  • issue compliance certificates on completion
  • give evidence in court cases involving breaches of building regulations
  • assess the condition of existing buildings
  • audit buildings for access by disabled persons.
  • Personal requirements
  • enjoy technical work
  • good communication skills
  • management and leadership skills.
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