How to become a Disability Services Instructor

Disability services instructors assess training needs, conduct training programmes and organise employment or recreation and leisure activities for people with intellectual, physical, sensory, social or emotional disabilities.

Personal requirements of a Disability Services Instructor

  • understanding and acceptance of people with disability
  • good communication, organisational and leadership skills
  • enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • patient and flexible.

Duties & Tasks of a Disability Services Instructor

Disability services instructors: • determine the needs of people with disability, including those needs which may be met through training or work experience • plan, develop and implement education and training programmes and check on how well they have worked • talk to parents, residential care workers, community groups, employers and other interested people.

Working conditions for a Disability Services Instructor

Disability services instructors may be required to work outside normal business hours. This depends on the nature of the training involved and could include a wide variety of tasks, such as organising a paper round or recreation and leisure activities.

Avg. weekly wage:


Future growth:


Employment by state:

ACT 1.5%

NSW 29%

NT 2.6%

QLD 18.2%

SA 10.5%

TAS 2.6%

VIC 24%

WA 11.4%

Hours worked:



Lower unemployment

Gender split:

Male 26%

Female 74%

Education level:

Not completed Year 10: 2.9%

Not completed Year 12: 6.6%

Highest qualification is secondary school: 8.7%

Highest qualification is a Certificate 3 or 4: 20.2%

Highest qualification is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma: 26%

Highest qualification is a Bachelor degree: 26.8%

Highest qualification is a Postgraduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate: 11.2%

Age brackets:

15-19 - 0.1%

20-24 - 6.1%

25-34 - 26.8%

35-44 - 22.6%

45-54 - 19.5%

55-59 - 8.2%

60-64 - 7.1%

65 and Over - 9.5%

*The data above is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

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