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Dispensary Assistant

Dispensary assistants work under the supervision of a pharmacist to prepare medicines, advise customers on non-medicinal products and assist with stock control.

Duties & Tasks
Dispensary assistants may perform the following tasks:
  • refer prescriptions to the pharmacist
  • assist in the preparation of medicines
  • select stock and attach dispensing and cautionary labels
  • put medication into administration containers
  • use computers for routine maintenance procedures
  • carry out customer service duties, such as answering enquiries and advising customers on appropriate products for use in relation to certain health-related conditions
  • operate cash registers.
  • Working conditions
    Dispensary assistants have a high level of contact with the public and may have to work nights and weekends. They must also work within the bounds of legislation when providing advice to customers and selling certain medicines.
    Personal requirements
  • careful and methodical
  • willing to learn new skills
  • good communication skills
  • able to deal sensitively with customers' needs.
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