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Diversional Therapist

Diversional therapists provide recreational and leisure services for individuals in healthcare centres and in the community to encourage them to take part in activities, assist in their social development and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Duties & Tasks
Diversional therapists may perform the following tasks:
  • help clients to identify their preferred recreational activities
  • encourage and support clients to take part in activities suited to their particular needs and interests
  • provide information on resources available within the local community and from associated agencies
  • perform administrative duties
  • arrange for the purchase of leisure and recreational supplies and equipment
  • organise leisure and recreational events
  • train and supervise volunteers
  • encourage interaction between clients and the community.
  • Working conditions
    Diversional therapists work with a wide range of clients whose needs arise from ageing, physical or intellectual disabilities, mental illness or undergoing medical treatment. They work alongside other health and community workers to help clients reach their full potential.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy helping and interacting with people
  • interested in leisure and recreation as a way of promoting wellbeing
  • sensitive to the needs of a wide range of individuals
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to coordinate and lead group activities.
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