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Historians conduct research into past human activity, including the history of countries, organisations, periods of time, buildings, cultural heritage, particular events, people, and ideas or issues.

Duties & Tasks
Historians may perform the following tasks:
  • examine, assess and interpret evidence of past events by consulting and studying the works of other historians and researchers, using sources of information such as archives, diaries, manuscripts, reports, statistics, artefacts, images, works of art, photographs, letters, newspapers, magazines and journals, and interviewing people
  • organise information, check it for accuracy, interpret details, suggest theories and make conclusions
  • present findings and conclusions through reports, the media (digital and print), journal articles, books, lectures and museum exhibitions
  • act as an adviser or consultant to government, commercial and private organisations, societies, churches and individuals
  • perform research and/or teach at institutions such as universities and schools.
  • Personal requirements
  • an enquiring mind
  • interested in human behaviour, society and politics
  • interested in the lessons of the past
  • a thorough approach to research and problem-solving
  • good written communication skills.
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