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Models wear and display clothes, accessories and other consumer goods, and promote services in ways designed to generate sales. They may demonstrate new products and services at exhibitions or pose in front of the public or cameras.

Duties & Tasks
Models may perform the following tasks:
  • walk, dance or pose before audiences on catwalks to display clothing and accessories
  • pose in front of cameras wearing fashion clothing or promoting products for advertisement in newspapers, in magazines, on websites or on billboards
  • participate in commercials for television and cinema
  • participate in wholesale clothing showings to buyers
  • demonstrate new products and services at manufacturers' exhibitions and industry trade shows
  • hand out pamphlets or samples of advertising products at exhibitions and shows.
  • Working conditions
    Models are often required to work under hot, bright lights and model unseasonal clothing in opposite seasons on location.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy artistic and creative activities
  • dedicated and patient
  • minimum height of 173cm in certain types of modelling
  • well-proportioned facial features, clear skin and healthy hair
  • neat personal appearance
  • an outgoing personality
  • good communication skills are essential in promotional work.
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