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Non-destructive Testing Technician

Non-destructive testing technicians examine and test the functionality and performance of an object or material in a way that will not affect its usefulness.

Duties & Tasks
Non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians may perform the following tasks:
  • test welds in the manufacture of pressure vessels and other steel fabrications
  • test power generation and petrochemical plant components for corrosion and other defects
  • test aircraft structures, engines and components for in-service and other defects
  • examine and interpret inspection methods and test results for other personnel
  • apply various methods in laboratory situations or at construction sites to investigate the properties of materials, objects and instruments.
  • Working conditions
    NDT work is often done in the field, such as on pipelines or at construction sites. It is also used frequently in production plants and laboratories as part of a quality system.par Persons engaged in X-ray work may be exposed to ionising radiation in the course of their duties. Each state and territory has legislation and codes of practice for how this work is to be carried out safely.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy technical and engineering activities
  • attention to detail
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • good analytical skills and problem-solving ability
  • enjoy mathematics and science
  • good vision
  • willing to follow instructions and procedures
  • good communication skills.
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