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Printing Hand

Printing hands operate basic binding machines, perform manual binding and finishing of books and printed products and carry out routine print-related tasks.

Duties & Tasks
Printing hands may perform the following tasks:
  • fold, arrange and fasten printed products by hand or with the aid of machines
  • perform manual binding and finishing operations
  • carry out quality control checks
  • operate specialised machines such as mini binders and automatic carton-folding machines
  • assist with setting up folding machines and check folded articles
  • assist with the operation and adjustment of machines
  • assist with the setting up and monitoring of the operation of automated binding lines
  • carry out minor repairs and routine maintenance
  • clear waste and clean work areas and machines
  • handle and transport materials around the work areas.
  • Working conditions
    Printing hands work with single and multi-colour printing presses. They can be employed in small or large firms.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • good eyesight (may be corrected) and normal colour vision
  • able to carry out detailed work
  • aptitude for mechanical work
  • aptitude for working with computers.
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