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Sports Coach

Sports coaches teach individuals and teams how to improve the way they play and practise their sport by analysing their performances, instructing them in relevant skills, providing motivation and enhancing their capabilities.

Duties & Tasks
Sports coaches may perform the following tasks:
  • observe individuals' performances to determine the level of instruction required
  • teach techniques to help sportspeople acquire additional skills or improve existing skills
  • supervise practice sessions
  • plan training programmes
  • supervise athletes' physical development
  • organise and liaise with sports science support staff
  • arrange entries into competitions
  • plan and direct game strategy, sometimes in consultation with club officials
  • analyse the progress of games or competitions and give signals and instructions to players
  • carry out post-competition analysis of performance and evaluate strategy
  • undertake related administrative tasks such as booking venues, organising tours and budgeting
  • travel with individuals and teams to competitions
  • recruit players and other coaching staff.
  • Working conditions
    Sports coaches operate on a professional (paid) or honorary (unpaid) basis. They usually specialise in a particular sport. The degree of personal proficiency required to coach a sport varies widely, and can include experience as a voluntary junior coach through to an elite coach of a highly commercialised sport.
    Personal requirements
  • thorough understanding of preferred sport
  • good communication skills
  • good interpersonal skills
  • enthusiastic, disciplined and dedicated
  • flexible and innovative
  • prepared to travel and to work long hours, evenings and weekends.
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