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Writers plan and write literary or other written work for publication or performance. Writers may create original pieces of written work, which can take the form of poetry, novels, short stories, biographies, blogs, plays or film, radio and television scripts. They may also write for multimedia distribution.

Duties & Tasks
Writers may perform the following tasks:
  • choose themes or subjects for written work, conduct research into the subject, assemble background material and obtain other necessary data
  • plan and organise material and write the work
  • revise or edit the work, making sure that the style is consistent; that there is proper development of theme, plot and characterisation; and that referencing is correct
  • set out the original manuscript so that it is clear and legible (typed or word processed, for example) and submit the work to a publisher
  • work with other specialists such as scriptwriters, software developers, graphic designers and illustrators, to create multimedia works.
  • Personal requirements
  • observant and inquisitive approach to people and their environment
  • able to think and write creatively and clearly
  • excellent understanding of English, particularly grammar and spelling
  • concentration, perseverance and dedication.
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