Find out what students from SAE have to say about their study experience.

  • Kevin Garcia Fernandez

    "SAE gave me a good technical background to start working in the industry. I met people who helped me start my career and open up job opportunities"

    Current job: Sound Engineer

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    Regine Caramancion

    "I really appreciated how my course at SAE not only started with the basics, but they were also able to immerse us into what the industry we're signing up for is like - which is an industry which has an eye for uniqueness, creativity, beauty and meaning"

    Current job: Independent Games Developer

  • Matt Poidevin

    "Studying at SAE allowed me to learn using real-world industry facilities and gave me the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry"

    Current job:ENG Camera and Editor

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    Montague Monro

    "The lecturers and teachers made the biggest difference for me. They were easy to talk to, helpful, relaxed and fun. They helped me get an internship and work experience."

    Current job: Web Designer

  • Maree Railton

    "(At SAE) I had the time and flexible guidance to create the kinds of projects I wanted to make. I found SAE great for creating my own path."

    Current job:Animator (2D Builder/Rigger)

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    Aaron Humphreys

    "Studying at SAE helped get me into my current position through industry connections. As part of my studies, I undertook an internship with a company located in Brisbane. Several months after I had completed my degree, that same company was hiring new staff; had I not done my internship with that company I do not believe I would have gotten the position, so SAE helped me get my foot in the door."

    Current job:Web Developer

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