Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering - UEE50520


Type of institution: TAFE Institute
Level: Vocational Education and Training (VET)
CRICOS: 00591E

This qualification covers competencies to develop, select, commission, maintain and diagnose faults/malfunctions of electronic components/sub-assemblies, apparatus and systems.No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


  • Fault find and repair satellite-based surveillance and observation systems
  • Conduct quality and functional tests on assembled electronic apparatus
  • Fault find and repair sonar apparatus and systems
  • Analyse and implement biometric measuring techniques and applications
  • Solve problems in voice and data communications circuits
  • Operate application software packages
  • Analyse static and dynamic parameters of electrical equipment
  • Solve problems in basic electronic circuits
  • Design and develop electronics/computer systems projects
  • Verify functionality and compliance of custom electronic installations
  • Assemble, enter and verify operating instructions in microprocessor equipped devices
  • Develop, implement and test object-oriented code
  • Source and purchase material/parts for installation or service jobs
  • Program and commission commercial access control security systems
  • Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
  • Facilitate continuous improvement
  • Develop design briefs for electrotechnology projects
  • Install and test microwave antennae and waveguides
  • Troubleshoot single phase input d.c power supplies
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in recording and replay equipment
  • Program and commission commercial video/audio systems
  • Establish, maintain and evaluate energy sector WHS/OHS systems
  • Design electronic printed circuit boards
  • Commission large fire protection systems
  • Set up, configure and test biometric devices
  • Develop web pages for engineering applications
  • Attach cords and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to a single phase 230 Volt supply
  • Develop solutions for air surveillance apparatus and systems
  • Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • Provide engineering solutions for uses of materials and thermodynamic effects
  • Solve problems in direct current circuits
  • Develop engineering solutions to analogue electronic problems
  • Use lead-free soldering techniques
  • Assemble and set up basic security systems
  • Analyse materials for suitability in electrical equipment
  • Modify - redesign electronics and communications systems
  • Repair predictable faults in audio components
  • Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunication services
  • Troubleshoot amplifiers in an electronic apparatus
  • Estimate electrotechnology projects
  • Design custom electronic equipment installations
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in digital transmission circuits and systems
  • Enter and verify programs for fire protection systems
  • Troubleshoot communication systems
  • Verify compliance and functionality of fire protection system installations
  • Test, report and rectify faults in data and voice installations
  • Provide solutions to basic engineering computational problems
  • Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • Develop software solutions for microcontroller-based systems
  • Deliver a service to customers
  • Assemble and set up fixed video/audio components and systems in buildings and premises
  • Develop and test code for microcontroller devices
  • Analyse the performance of wireless-based electronic communication systems
  • Fault find and repair high-volume office equipment
  • Apply Just in Time procedures
  • Design and develop advanced digital systems
  • Troubleshoot fire protection systems
  • Participate in development and follow a personal competency development plan
  • Attach cords, cables and plugs to electrical equipment for connection to 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c.
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in camera circuits and equipment
  • Assemble and install reception antennae and signal distribution equipment
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in electronic display circuits
  • Provide basic instruction in the use of electrotechnology apparatus
  • Select and arrange data and voice equipment for local area networks
  • Write specifications for electronics and communications engineering projects
  • Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
  • Manage people performance
  • Document and apply measures to control WHS risks associated with electrotechnology work
  • Contribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy
  • Solve oscillator problems
  • Repairs basic electronic apparatus faults by replacement of components
  • Repair basic computer equipment faults by replacement of modules/sub-assemblies
  • Set up and configure basic data communication systems
  • Set up and check electronic component assembly machines
  • Provide programming solution for computer systems engineering problems
  • Repair routine business equipment faults
  • Evaluate and modify object-oriented code programs
  • Repair predictable faults in television receivers
  • Troubleshoot basic amplifier circuits
  • Install commercial video/audio system components
  • Fault find and repair electronic apparatus
  • Fault find and repair global positioning systems
  • Set up and configure basic local area network (LAN)
  • Identify and select components, accessories and materials for energy sector work activities
  • Fault find and repair complex power supplies
  • Set up and configure the wireless capabilities of communications and data storage devices
  • Assemble, set up and test computing devices
  • Support computer hardware and software for engineering applications
  • Apply quick changeover procedures
  • Develop industrial control programs for microcomputer equipped devices
  • Calibrate, adjust and test measuring instruments
  • Provide quotations for installation or service jobs
  • Use instrumentation drawings, specifications, standards and equipment manuals
  • Install telecommunications network equipment
  • Solve basic problems electronic and digital equipment and circuits
  • Enter instructions and test wired and wireless security systems
  • Provide gate array solutions for complex electronics systems
  • Solve fundamental electronic communications system problems
  • Select electronic components for assembly
  • Install and modify optical fibre performance data communication cabling
  • Modify electronic sub-assemblies
  • Manage an information or knowledge management system
  • Design and configure Human-Machine Interface (HMI) networks
  • Set up and test residential video/audio equipment
  • Apply 5S procedures
  • Troubleshoot professional audio reproduction components
  • Install and configure a client computer operating system and software
  • Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
  • Troubleshoot digital sub-systems
  • Troubleshoot resonance circuits in an electronic apparatus
  • Program and test large security systems
  • Compile and produce an energy sector detailed report
  • Commission satellite and microwave communication systems
  • Supervise and coordinate energy sector work activities
  • Maintain documentation
  • Develop engineering solutions to audio electronic problems
  • Prepare specifications for the supply of materials and equipment for electrotechnology projects
  • Undertake root cause analysis
  • Diagnose and rectify faults in air navigation circuits and systems
  • Select and arrange equipment for wireless communication networks
  • Develop engineering solutions to RF amplifier problems
  • Configure and maintain industrial control system networks
  • Fault find and repair radar apparatus and systems
  • Find and repair microwave amplifier section faults in electronic apparatus
  • Implement and monitor energy sector WHS policies and procedures
  • Commission electronics and communications systems
  • Provide engineering solutions for problems in complex multiple path circuits
  • Select, install, configure and test multimedia components
  • Apply competitive systems and practices
  • Comply with scheduled and preventative maintenance program processes
  • Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
  • Program and commission commercial security closed-circuit television systems
  • Fault find and repair electronic medical equipment
  • Troubleshoot microcontroller-based hardware systems
  • Troubleshoot faults in television receivers
  • Lay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage (ELV) circuits
  • Program and commission commercial security systems
  • Develop and validate biometric equipment/systems installation
  • Develop energy sector directory services
  • Carry out repairs of predictable faults in video and audio replay/recording apparatus
  • Carry out preparatory energy sector work activities
  • Develop structured programs to control external devices
  • Fault find and repair navigation systems
  • Provide engineering solutions to air traffic control system problems
  • Use engineering applications software on personal computers
  • Fault find and repair telecommunication apparatus and systems
  • Install, modify and verify coaxial and structured communication copper cabling
  • Prepare tender submissions for electrotechnology projects
  • Assemble electronic components
  • Set up, create and implement content for a web server
  • Implement and monitor energy sector environmental and sustainable policies and procedures
  • Operate and maintain amateur radio communication stations
  • Repair predictable faults in general electronic apparatus
  • Install and connect data and voice communication equipment
  • Develop and implement energy sector maintenance programs
  • Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  • Set up and adjust commercial radio frequency (RF) transmission and reception systems
  • Plan an integrated cabling installation system
  • Develop basic plans for integrating security systems
  • Install large security systems
  • Install fire detection and warning system apparatus

Study information

CampusFeesEntryMid year intakeAttendance
Ultimo College, Main Campus No
  • Full-time : 2 years

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