Certificate II in Meat Processing (Abattoirs) - AMP20316

Training and Quality Management Services Pty Ltd

Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree

This qualification covers work activities undertaken by workers commencing work in an abattoir.Graduates from this qualification will be able to:access, record and act on a defined range of information from a range of sourcesapply and communicate known solutions to a limited range of predictable problemsuse a limited range of equipment to complete tasks involving known routines and procedures with a limited range of options.No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


  • 9 units: 6 core
  • 3 elective


  • Grade carcase
  • De-nude meat cuts
  • Process thin skirts
  • Remove spinal cord
  • Perform sweating operation on fellmongered skins
  • Bag carcase
  • Maintain cleaning storage areas
  • Operate forklift in a specific workplace
  • Bag tail
  • Cure and corn product in a meat processing plant
  • Clean after operations - slaughter floor
  • Store carcase product
  • Recover thin skirts
  • Trim hide or skin
  • Skin slinks
  • Process small stock tripe
  • Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements
  • Process offal
  • Punch pelts
  • Bar head and remove cheek meat
  • Ride horses to carry out stock work
  • Prepare and trim honeycomb
  • Clean work area during operations
  • Operate nose roller
  • Dispose of condemned carcase
  • Overview hide or pelt or skin processing
  • Clean amenities and grounds
  • Wash head
  • Process slink by-products
  • Grade hide or skin
  • Complete changeover operation
  • Operate vacuum blood collection process
  • Apply hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Process bibles
  • Feed race
  • Operate new technology or process
  • Break down and bone carcase for pet meat or rendering
  • Operate tractors
  • Operate rib puller
  • Trim forequarter to specification
  • Treat hides chemically
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Overview cleaning program
  • Process runners
  • De-rind meat cuts
  • Operate air filtration system
  • Prepare carcase and equipment for hide or pelt puller
  • Operate semi-automatic tagging machine
  • Prepare hide or pelt for removal
  • Unload livestock
  • Cut hocks
  • Shave carcase
  • Recover offal
  • Trim neck
  • Despatch hide or skin
  • Chemically treat skins for fellmongering process
  • Clean at heights
  • Operate cubing machine
  • Remove and record tag
  • Pressure wash and clean surfaces
  • Store carton product
  • Mark brisket
  • Operate and maintain wastewater treatment plant and equipment
  • Operate bag forming equipment
  • Operate electrical stimulator
  • Perform basic wastewater tests
  • Chill or ice hides
  • Overview offal processing
  • Operate strapping machine
  • Perform emergency kill
  • Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Remove head
  • Transport meat and meat products
  • Remove tenderloin
  • Operate scalding and de-hairing equipment
  • Overview offal processing on the slaughter floor
  • Seal or drain urinary tract
  • Remove thick skirts
  • Care for livestock in transit
  • Operate frenching machine
  • Package product using gas flushing process
  • Operate pneumatic cutter
  • Operate sterivac equipment
  • Overview fellmongering operations
  • Operate hogger
  • Vacuum pack product
  • Identify animals using electronic systems
  • Separate offal
  • Process maws
  • Prepare chemicals for fellmongering process
  • Complete re-pack operation
  • Maintain production records
  • Assemble and prepare cartons
  • Operate mincer
  • Follow safe work policies and procedures
  • Operate tenderiser
  • Trim offal fat
  • Locate storage areas and product
  • Operate carton scales
  • Pack and despatch rendered products
  • Separate and tie runners
  • Operate scales and semi-automatic labelling machinery
  • Assess, purchase and transport calves
  • Prepare and operate bandsaw
  • Operate jaw breaker
  • Measure fat
  • Number carcase and head
  • Clean chillers
  • Prepare and slice meat cuts
  • Recover mountain chain
  • Wash carcase
  • Monitor and report wastewater treatment processes
  • Operate wool drier and press
  • Perform skin fleshing operation
  • Clean carcase hanging equipment
  • Operate blow line
  • Maintain personal equipment
  • Operate automatic CL determination machine
  • Skirt and weigh fellmongered wool
  • Remove cheek meat
  • Operate wool puller
  • Handle livestock using basic techniques
  • Assess dentition
  • Operate meat meal mill
  • Trim processed tripe
  • Drop tongue
  • Bone head
  • Operate whizzard knife
  • Inspect hindquarter and remove contamination
  • Operate metal detection unit
  • Handle working dogs in stock yards
  • Eviscerate condemned carcase
  • Crop pelts
  • Flush carcase
  • Singe carcase
  • Process paunch
  • Operate waste recovery systems
  • Salt hide or skin
  • Further process tripe
  • Provide first aid
  • Weigh carcase
  • Trim pig pre evisceration
  • Apply animal welfare and handling requirements
  • Operate head splitter
  • Shackle animal
  • Operate a decontamination unit
  • Inspect meat for defects
  • Label and stamp carcase
  • Process thick skirts
  • Identify cuts and specifications
  • Sharpen knives
  • Overview rendering process
  • Overview the meat industry
  • Process pet meat
  • Inspect forequarter and remove contamination
  • Trim hindquarter to specification
  • Process blood
  • Remove flares
  • Clean after operations - boning room
  • Prepare animals for slaughter
  • Operate rise and fall platform
  • Operate circular saw
  • Skin condemned carcase
  • Loadout meat product
  • Operate carton forming machine
  • Operate quad bikes
  • Restrain animal
  • Pack meat products
  • Remove brisket wool
  • Operate carton sealing machine

Study information

CampusFeesEntryMid year intakeAttendance
Moonee Ponds Domestic: $4,620
International: $4,620

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