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Back to uni survival kit

Back to uni survival kit

After months of bliss, university holidays are coming to an end as students prepare for semester one. For thousands of school leavers, this will mark their introduction to the higher education system, which can be particularly challenging for those who have had to relocate away from home.

There are numerous resources available for students to access both on campus and online, especially during the weeks leading up to the first semester. From a personal perspective, it’s important to prepare yourself to transition back into a regular routine.

Make a study schedule

It isn’t the most exciting prospect in the world, but it is extremely useful to have a study plan. This way, you can avoid getting to week three and realising you’ve got four assignments you haven’t started, due within 48 hours.

Stock up on books and stationery

The last thing you want is to turn up to class and have no idea what is going on because you don’t have the relevant textbook. Go through your booklist a week or two in advance, investigate whether you can borrow any through the library, and stock up on pens, exercise books and any other stationery.

Sort out the little things

It’s good to be prepared so you don’t encounter any annoying surprises. Do you drive to uni, or take public transport? Do you have to pay for parking? Do any of your classes clash with others, and do you need to adjust your schedule to fit in with work and other external responsibilities? These are all better taken care of ahead of time.

Be ready to deal with stress

No matter how well you do all the above, it’s inevitable that you will experience stress during the semester. Try and adopt a positive way of dealing with stress, whether it’s exercising, reading or spending time with friends. This includes trying new things – you might find that mediation or yoga does you the world of good. 


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