Airline Passenger Officer

Airline passenger officers work at the airport providing customer-related services such as check-in and boarding procedures, providing information and directions, locating lost luggage and assisting passengers who require special attention.

Duties & Tasks

Airline passenger officers may perform the following tasks:

  • issue and check tickets and travel documents, check in passengers for their flight and allocate seats on the aircraft
  • check baggage size and weight
  • direct passengers to immigration and/or departure gates, and provide information about customs and immigration procedures
  • assist with passenger enquiries and complaints
  • attend to travelling airline staff and crew
  • provide information about flight arrival and departure times and use the public address (PA) system to make announcements to arriving and departing passengers
  • direct passengers to luggage areas and assist passengers with lost luggage
  • help passengers requiring special assistance, such as VIPs, disabled and elderly passengers, parents with infants and unaccompanied minors
  • ensure security measures are adhered to at all times.

Working conditions

Airline passenger officers are required to work shifts, which may include weekends, public holidays and nights. Uniforms are usually provided.

Personal requirements

  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • alertness and common sense
  • enjoy working with people
  • neat personal appearance
  • pleasant personality
  • comfortable using computers
  • able to deal with difficult situations
  • able to work under pressure in peak periods.
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