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Broadcasting Technician

Broadcasting technicians install, start up, maintain and repair equipment used for the transmission and reception of television and radio broadcast signals. This includes transmitters, microphones, mixing desks, tape recorders, CD players, computers, television cameras and telecine equipment. They may also work on microwave and satellite equipment used for the transmission and reception of voice, data and images.

Duties & Tasks
Broadcasting technicians may perform the following tasks:
  • check equipment to ensure it is operating properly (antennas, remote controls and auxiliary power units, for example)
  • study reports and talk to equipment operators to get details of problems
  • replace faulty wiring and terminals, and re-solder connections
  • find and replace faulty assemblies and parts (such as capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and transformers) using electronic test equipment
  • check output power, frequency and modulation using test equipment
  • assist with building, installing and adjusting new equipment.
  • Working conditions
    They work mainly indoors in TV, radio or recording studios and emergency services communication centres, but also work outdoors on location. There may be some heavy lifting when moving equipment to a workshop, and they may be required to work at heights. Shiftwork is common.
    Personal requirements
  • normal eyesight and colour vision
  • good with hands
  • technical ability
  • aptitude for mathematics and science
  • adaptable and willing to learn about emerging technologies
  • a fast and methodical approach to work.
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