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Radio Dispatcher

Radio dispatchers provide radio and communications services for the coordination of operational units in transport, courier, emergency, military, security, rescue and road service organisations.

Duties & Tasks
Radio dispatchers may perform the following tasks:
  • receive and relay radio or telecommunications messages from operational units, customers, the public or organisations such as the police, ambulance and fire services
  • coordinate radio or network communications between operational units
  • record critical information from emergency, routine and administrative calls
  • relay information to enable mobilisation of appropriate resources and personnel
  • start and maintain communications during emergency situations and guide callers until emergency services arrive at the scene
  • prepare accurate and detailed reports of communications traffic
  • coordinate the movements of mobile units.
  • Working conditions
    In some states and territories, radio dispatchers who work in the emergency services sector (police, fire and ambulance) may be required to be uniformed officers, and therefore must meet the selection criteria for that occupation. Refer to the separate entries for Firefighter, Paramedic and Police Officer - State for full details.
    Personal requirements
  • good communication skills
  • able to think clearly and act quickly
  • able to stay calm in difficult situations
  • able to multitask
  • aptitude for technical activities.
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