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Swimming Pool and Spa Technician

Swimming pool and spa technicians chemically treat pools and spas. They may also install, maintain and service pumps, filters, heaters and other related equipment.

Duties & Tasks
Swimming pool and spa technicians may perform the following tasks:
  • use chemicals in the treatment of water and the restoration of correct water balance for pools and spas
  • maintain and repair all forms of swimming pool and spa equipment (such as pumps, filters, chlorinators, heaters and lights)
  • provide customers with advice about solving problems with their equipment, water treatment or pool and spa maintenance
  • work independently to maintain and service swimming pools and spas
  • maintain inventory of stock in vans and ensure tools such as saws, pool cleaning equipment and measuring equipment is kept in good order
  • communicate with customers to organise appointments, quotes and invoicing.
  • Working conditions
    Much of the work is done outdoors and involves driving to job locations. In some cases, swimming pool and spa technicians may also be involved in the installation of pools and spas. See the separate entry for Swimming Pool and Spa Builder for more information.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy practical and outdoor work
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • strong customer service skills
  • able to follow precise directions.
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