Southern Cross University 2019 Ratings and Rankings

The ratings that appear on this site were published in the 2019 edition of The Good Universities Guide.
A five-star rating indicates that Southern Cross University is among the top 20 per cent of institutions for that particular metric.

Top 20% in AUS

Outside top 20% in AUS

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Rating Types University Ratings Field of Study Ratings
Social Equity 25.00%
Staff Qualification 75.00%
Student Demand
L: 0% M: 0% H: 0%
Student Retention Less than 1%
Student Staff Ratio 25:01
First Generation Rating 32.00%
Learner Engagement 61.50%
Learning Resources 84.40%
Overall Quality 79.10%
Skills Development 82.10%
Student Support 78.00%
Teaching Quality 82.50%
Getting A Job 69.10%
Grad Starting Salary $60,000