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Arts Administrator

Arts administrators manage artistic and cultural venues such as theatres and art galleries.

Duties & Tasks
Arts administrators may perform the following tasks:
  • seek sponsorship and funding from federal, state, territory and local governments as well as community and industry organisations
  • prepare and submit funding applications
  • negotiate with artists and performers regarding contracts
  • coordinate arts programmes
  • coordinate sound and lighting, stage management and security, box office sales, distribution and sale of publications, public relations and catering
  • take part in the commissioning and purchasing of works of art
  • organise and promote exhibitions and events
  • help to develop and implement the organisation's strategic plans and marketing strategies
  • manage the organisation's human and financial resources, including budget preparation
  • provide an appropriate working environment for employees
  • liaise with the media
  • provide education services to the public
  • make recommendations on cultural grants
  • ensure compliance with corporate and legal requirements
  • provide support in policy development and report to the board of directors.
  • Working conditions
    The duties of arts administrators vary according to the type of cultural or artistic environment in which they are employed, the level at which they are employed and the size of the organisation. In small organisations, arts administrators may be involved in all aspects, whereas in large organisations they usually specialise in one particular area such as marketing, education or seeking sponsorship.
    Personal requirements
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • able to relate to people of diverse backgrounds
  • good organisational and management skills
  • able to handle finances
  • able to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • able to work varying hours
  • appreciation of the role of the arts in the community.
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