TAFEs in West Australia

Studying in Western Australia(WA)

Western Australia (WA) may be far away from the eastern capitals, but it certainly has a great deal to offer students in the way of quality higher education, great lifestyle opportunities and stunning coastline. It is also home to some unique attractions, including the rich gold mines of Kalgoorlie, the cute and furry marsupial quokkas of Rottnest Island and natural wonders such as the Pinnacles and Wave Rock. While most campuses in WA are clustered around Perth and Fremantle, those in Kalgoorlie in WA’s Goldfields and Broome on the north-west coast are quite possibly the farthest flung in Australia. Courses are available across a broad range of subject areas. In WA you could find yourself studying anything from ecotourism or veterinary science to viticulture, journalism or performing arts. With WA’s mining boom, courses in petroleum and mining engineering are a state specialty.

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