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Economists perform economic research and analysis, and develop and apply theories relating to the production and distribution of goods and services and people's spending behaviour. Economists advise and provide forecasts to governments and businesses on matters such as taxation levels, wages and prices, employment and unemployment, imports and exports, and interest and exchange rates. They investigate international or national economic situations, or particular features such as industries or regions.

Duties & Tasks
Economists may perform the following tasks:
  • help formulate government economic policies
  • study the effects of government economic and monetary policies, expenditure, taxation and other budgetary controls on the economy and the community
  • identify opportunities to improve efficiency and international competitiveness
  • research, analyse and record the effects of government labour market programmes on economic and industrial growth
  • investigate the types of goods and services that are produced and consumed in Australia and in other countries
  • study industrial relations issues such as wage fixation and the effect of industrial disputes on productivity
  • prepare forecasts, analyse trends and advise on economic issues
  • provide management personnel with economic information and advice.
  • Personal requirements
  • able to think logically and analytically
  • able to discuss views clearly
  • able to write concisely
  • good at mathematics and statistical analysis.
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