Engravers cut letters, figures and designs on metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic and other surfaces.

Personal requirements

  • enjoy artistic and creative work par able to do accurate and detailed work par good eyesight (may be corrected) par good hand-eye coordination par aptitude for working with computers par good at spelling.

Duties & Tasks

Engravers may perform the following tasks:par - lay out lettering or designs on objects by sketching on paper or in powder on the objects to be engravedpar - mark outlines of designs using scribers, mount objects in vices and cut designs with engraving toolspar - clean and polish engraved areaspar - sketch original designs, or copy sketches or photographspar - brush powder or solutions onto surfaces of dies or plates that imprint designspar - use acid etching to produce photographic images onto metalspar - use pantographs to enlarge or reduce designspar - operate engraving machines to cut standard designs.


Hand Engraver

A hand engraver uses hand-held cutters and tools to engrave many different types of objects, including silverware, jewellery, plates, glass, glassware and trophies according to sketches, diagrams, photographs or sample workpieces.

Industrial Engraver

An industrial engraver uses computer-aided engraving machines and mechanically operated machines to engrave objects such as signs.

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