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Engravers cut letters, figures and designs on metal, glass, wood, rubber, plastic and other surfaces.

Duties & Tasks
Engravers may perform the following tasks:
  • lay out lettering or designs on objects by sketching on paper or in powder on the objects to be engraved
  • mark outlines of designs using scribers, mount objects in vices and cut designs with engraving tools
  • clean and polish engraved areas
  • sketch original designs, or copy sketches or photographs
  • brush powder or solutions onto surfaces of dies or plates that imprint designs
  • use acid etching to produce photographic images onto metals
  • use pantographs to enlarge or reduce designs
  • operate engraving machines to cut standard designs.
  • Personal requirements
  • enjoy artistic and creative work
  • able to do accurate and detailed work
  • good eyesight (may be corrected)
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • aptitude for working with computers
  • good at spelling.
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