How to become a Fish Farm Hand

Fish farm hands assist with the growing and cultivation of fish and the maintenance of fish farm premises and equipment.

Personal requirements of a Fish Farm Hand

  • enjoy outdoor work
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • able to swim.

Duties & Tasks of a Fish Farm Hand

Fish farm hands: • feed and grade fish and monitor their growth • assist with farm layout and the construction of nets, longlines and/or cages • check and look after all equipment and fish housing • operate pumps and other equipment • test and check on water quality • remove dead or dying fish • operate lifting equipment such as forklifts and small cranes • handle marine vessels (barges, for example) • harvest fish and sort and pack for transportation • maintain farm records.

Working conditions for a Fish Farm Hand

Fish farm hands may be employed in either finfish farming or shellfish farming. They usually work outside, either on or in the water, and at shore-based facilities. Fish farms are generally located in sheltered waters. Most fish farm hands are expected to work overtime, particularly in the summer months.

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