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State government public servants are government employees who work in any of the departments of a state or territory government.

Radiation therapists design, plan and administer radiation treatment to cancer patients, and provide related care to patients in conjunction with radiation oncologists or other medical specialists.

Recreation officers develop, support and coordinate sport and recreation programmes and services for the benefit of the community. Recreation officers may work at one of three levels: professional, technical or operative.• Professional officers work as planners, researchers, consultants, educators and administrators. • A technical officer's work may involve managing a leisure centre, community centre or sports complex. • Recreation officers work at the operative level as youth leaders and outdoor activity leaders. The three levels are not always clearly defined. The relevant responsibilities will vary considerably between different organisations and may overlap.

Rehabilitation counsellors assist people with disability or medical conditions or who are experiencing social disadvantage to attain individual rehabilitation goals, including return to paid employment. They assist people with physical or psychological disabilities, refugees, ex-offenders, disadvantaged youth and those experiencing long-term unemployment.

Religious leaders are responsible for leading worship, and providing guidance and instruction to members of their faith, sect or tribe. They are also responsible for any associated administrative duties. The term 'religious leader' covers a range of titles and functions such as Aboriginal ceremonial celebrant, chaplain, imam, minister, missionary, monk, nun, pastor, priest, rabbi, religious brother/sister, religion teacher, religious counsellor and religious youth leader.

Research and development managers plan, administer and review the research and development program and activities of an organisation.

Research officers plan and conduct research into a variety of issues or areas.

Safety inspectors inspect machinery, equipment, working conditions and public places to ensure they conform with government and industry standards and regulations for occupational health and safety.

Social workers help people to deal with personal and social problems, either directly or by planning or carrying out programmes that benefit groups or communities. They are interested in challenging the structural barriers that contribute to inequality, discrimination, exploitation and oppression within communities.

Sociologists study the development, structure, social patterns and interrelationships of social groups and human societies.

Specialist medical practitioners (specialists) diagnose and treat physical and mental illnesses and disorders using specialised testing and diagnostic, medical and surgical techniques.

Speech pathologists diagnose, treat and provide management services to people of all ages with communication disorders, including speech, language, voice, fluency, social communication and literacy difficulties. They also work with people who have problems with chewing or swallowing.

Sports development officers promote sports and coordinate the participation of people in sport, including special interest groups.

Sports officials oversee sporting events to ensure the rules of the game are followed. All sports have rules that need to be followed and they can vary greatly. This covers sports such as Australian Rules Football (AFL), rugby, soccer, cricket, baseball, netball, hockey, tennis, basketball and boxing.

Surgeons operate on patients to repair injuries, prevent and treat diseases, correct deformities, and improve human bodily functions and appearance.

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