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Air Force general entrants perform a variety of specialist Air Force tasks on the ground and in the air.

Air Force officers command, train and motivate Air Force airmen and airwomen for peacetime and wartime tasks. Air Force officers work at the middle and executive management levels within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), with officers specialising in various areas depending on their training and qualifications.

Army Officers command, train and motivate soldiers in one of many military specialisations. They are the leaders and managers of the Army, working at the middle and executive management level.

As a Soldier, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles. With over 50 roles to choose from, you can serve as a tank driver, infantry soldier or also work in administration, transport, trades, aviation, logistics or communications.

Army Trades undertake a wide range of tasks for the Australian Army, including the construction, maintenance and repair of Army equipment in Australia and overseas.

Aviation firefighters fight fires in aircraft and buildings at airports, provide rescue and first-aid services for aircraft passengers and crew, provide technical advice about fire safety and assist in educating airport users about firefighting and safety.

Aviation transport protection officers carry out security screening procedures relevant to aviation passengers/Non-passengers and/or checked baggage. They may also conduct control room functions, and assist passengers with security screening procedures.

A bailiff is contracted by the courts to serve legal orders and documents, as well as to seize or repossess property as determined by official court orders.

Border Force officers manage the security and integrity of Australia's borders. They mainly work at international airports, seaports or outposts along the Australian coastline. Border Force officers check passengers and crew before clearing them for entry into Australia. They check international mail, passenger luggage and other cargo of ships and aircraft to prevent the illegal entry into Australia of prohibited, quarantined or dutiable goods.

Conveyancers prepare the documentation required for the purchase and sale of real estate and attend to property settlements. Conveyancers must have a sound knowledge of land law, land division, surveying, property development, property management, strata administration, insurance, taxation, business analysis, investment and contracts.

Correctional officers are responsible for the custody, care, supervision, welfare and rehabilitation of prisoners in prisons and correctional centres. Correctional officers may specialise in areas such as dog squads, prison industries, offender programmes and field supervision of offenders on worksites outside the prison.

Court officers assist in the effective operation of courts.

Criminologists examine the systems by which people accused of crimes are brought to justice, attempt to explain the reasons for criminal behaviour and suggest ways crime might be reduced.

Customs brokers, acting under licences issued by the Australian Border Force, provide professional assistance and advice about customs, quarantine and import and export matters. Customs brokers provide advice to clients about a range of international trade matters including customs clearance, quarantine and biosecurity restrictions, trade mark requirements, indirect tax obligations and other import and export matters.

Firefighters control and extinguish fires, manage hazardous incidents, provide education to the community in fire prevention techniques and protect life, property and the environment.

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