Screen Printer

Screen printers set up and operate power-driven or hand-operated screen printing machines to create images.

Personal requirements

  • enjoy practical and manual activities par good eyesight (may be corrected) with normal colour vision par good hand-eye coordination par creativity par self-motivated par good problem-solving skills.
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Duties & Tasks

Screen printers may perform the following tasks:par - prepare stencils to be printed by handcutting, photographic or electronic methodspar - choose, mix and match coloured inks and load ink into printing machinespar - load paper, fabric, plastic or other material onto printing machines, making sure that objects to be printed are lined up correctly and, if there is more than one colour, that the colours are properly alignedpar - control machines and check the quality of printingpar - keep records of work completedpar - put the stencils onto a mesh fabric-printing screen and operate the printing machine, then dry the printed items by loading them into drying racks or dryers using hot air or ultraviolet lightpar - unload printed items from drying racks and stack thempar - remove waste, clean and maintain machines, and maintain and care for equipment including cameras and lenses, screens, stops and filters.

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