How to become a Set Production Worker

Set production workers produce sets for films, plays, concerts or other entertainment productions.

Personal requirements of a Set Production Worker

  • Good communication and time management skills
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • good technical, carpentry or artistic skills relevant to chosen field
  • flexible attitude towards working hours and conditions
  • creative.

Duties & Tasks of a Set Production Worker

Set production workers may perform the following tasks:

  • interpret designs of stage or set designers
  • produce stage sets for productions
  • paint scenery backdrops according to set designs
  • reproduce or imitate well-known locations for sets
  • build, source and install specific props for sets
  • build, source and assemble entire sets according to specified designs from set designers
  • instruct stagehands or production crew members on the installation and movement of set pieces during production.

Working conditions for a Set Production Worker

Set production workers work in conjunction with a technical director and a scenery workshop leading hand or supervisor. They may have to work at heights and observe health and safety standards when working on big sets. They may be involved in a variety of production areas or specialise as set makers or scenic artists. More experienced set production workers often work interstate or overseas on the installation and venue-to-venue transfer of major productions.\par \par Set production workers can work indoors or outdoors. They may have to work irregular hours or long shifts depending on the type of set they are working on. For example, they might have to work at night or early in the morning to install and dismantle sets prior to and after production. For productions such as film sets, they may have to stay on the location of the set for extended periods of time.

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