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Fruit and Vegetable Picker

Fruit and vegetable pickers harvest fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries at farms, market gardens and orchards, and prepare produce for distribution.

Pest and Weed Controller

Pest and weed controllers kill or control plants, animals and insects that are considered troublesome or harmful to agricultural, industrial or domestic activities.


Nurserypersons plant, look after and harvest trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants for sale or within parks and gardens.

Specialisations: Garden Centre Nurseryperson Production Nurseryperson

General Gardener

General gardeners plant and care for trees, lawns, shrubs and flowerbeds in areas around public and private institutions, city squares, parks and gardens, playing fields, golf courses and bowling greens, as well as at private homes.

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

Guide dog mobility instructors train dogs to guide people who are blind or vision-impaired. They also train these people to use and care for a guide dog.

Timber Harvesting Operator

Timber harvesting operators undertake a range of tasks to do with the harvesting and maintenance of trees in natural forests and plantations, including logging, felling and sawing trees.

Specialisations: Tree Faller

Horse Trainer

Horse trainers supervise the preparation of horses for thoroughbred or harness races, advise and consult with owners and instruct stable staff and jockeys/drivers. Horse trainers usually specialise in thoroughbreds for galloping races, standardbreds for pacing or trotting (harness) races, or performance horses for events, show jumping and dressage.

Horticultural Assistant

Horticultural assistants undertake a range of tasks involving the cultivation, growing, harvesting and maintenance of trees, plants and gardens.

Horticultural Tradesperson

Horticultural tradespersons maintain plants and planted areas, construct horticultural features and apply treatments to enhance plant growth and control pests.


Hydrologists measure, analyse and maintain the quantity and quality of water in rivers, lakes, stormwater and sewage. They use this information to plan and develop strategies for water conservation and the improvement of water quality.


Jackaroos (male workers) and jillaroos (female workers) undertake a range of activities on cattle and sheep stations.


Jockeys ride racehorses at race meetings, in trials and for exercise.