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Actors portray roles in live and recorded or filmed productions. In the live performance area, an actor may perform in theatre, opera or variety. In the recorded medium, an actor may perform roles in theatre, film, radio, television, commercials, webisodes, mobisodes or other material distributed online.


Illustrators create drawings and designs for books and magazines, advertisements, film, television and multimedia. Illustrators work on paper, and two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models. They may use traditional or computer-based techniques, or a combination of both.

Specialisations: Animator Cartoonist

Media Presenter

Media presenters deliver a variety of radio, television and live programmes, including all music formats, music and chat programmes, interview and talkback programmes, news bulletins and sports programmes. They may also present rock and classical music concerts that are broadcast live to air, and pre-recorded programmes such as documentary and music specials.

Museum Officer

Museum officers prepare specimens for collections, and construct and arrange museum and art gallery exhibits.

Specialisations: Museum Education Officer

Teacher - Art

Art teachers in secondary schools teach students the practical skills, theory and history of art. Students receive tuition in aspects such as painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and ceramics.

Specialisations: Private Art Teacher

Art Therapist

Art therapists work with a client or a group of clients to help them address emotional and psychological issues through creative activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting and collage.


Artists conceive and create visual representations to investigate, respond to or communicate an impression or idea.

Specialisations: Painter (Fine/Visual Arts) Performance/Live Art Artist Printmaker Sculptor/Installation Artist

Arts Administrator

Arts administrators manage artistic and cultural venues such as theatres and art galleries.


Craftspersons design, make and repair objects that have both functional and artistic qualities, working with wood, metal, glass, leather, ceramics, textiles and other materials.

Specialisations: Fibre Textile Worker Glass Craftsperson Leather Craftsperson Metal/Jewellery Worker Potter/Ceramicist Wood Craftsperson


Professional sportspeople earn all or part of their living through participating in sporting events, either as individuals or as members of a team.

Specialisations: Sports Commentator Sports Development Officer

Sound Technician

Sound technicians operate technical equipment to amplify, enhance, record, mix or reproduce sound in support of performing arts. They may also assemble and maintain sound equipment.

Public Servant - Australian Public Service

Public servants in the Australian Public Service (APS) work in a wide range of areas such as community and social services, defence, economic management, education, employment, foreign affairs, health, housing, industrial relations and transport. They are employed in a variety of clerical, technical and professional careers.