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Accountants analyse, report and give advice about the financial dealings of organisations and individuals, and advise on associated record-keeping and compliance requirements.

Specialisations: Auditor Budget Accountant Bursar Cost Accountant Finance Manager Forensic Accountant Investment Analyst Liquidator and Receiver Systems Accountant Taxation Consultant/Taxation Agent Treasurer


Bookkeepers record and put together summaries of the financial transactions of a business or other organisation for management purposes.

Specialisations: BAS (Business Activity Statement) Agent Collection Officer Costing Clerk Payroll Officer


Actuaries evaluate risk and opportunity applying mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analyses to a wide range of business problems.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants perform a range of administrative tasks in an organisation.

Advertising Account Executive

Advertising account executives devise and coordinate advertising campaigns, which are created to encourage consumers to purchase particular products or services.

Specialisations: Media Planner

Marketing Officer

Marketing officers promote a company's or client's products or services. This can involve marketing existing products, developing new products to cater for consumer demand, or developing markets for new products or services.

Specialisations: Advertising Manager Brand/Product Manager Electronic Commerce Manager Marketing Manager Marketing Service Manager Sales Manager Social Media Manager

Agricultural and Resource Economist

Agricultural and resource economists study and apply economic principles to the use and management of resources in the agricultural, fisheries, forestry and other primary industries.

Transport Clerk

Transport clerks check the contents and related documents of freight goods. They tally and record the consignment and destination details of articles, containers and passengers. They also make freight or transport bookings, as well as related arrangements.

Specialisations: Aircraft Load Controller Bond Clerk Customs Clerk Freight Traffic Controller Import/Export Clerk Shipping Officer/Clerk Truck Dispatcher


Economists perform economic research and analysis, and develop and apply theories relating to the production and distribution of goods and services and people's spending behaviour. Economists advise and provide forecasts to governments and businesses on matters such as taxation levels, wages and prices, employment and unemployment, imports and exports, and interest and exchange rates. They investigate international or national economic situations, or particular features such as industries or regions.

Specialisations: Applied Industry Economist Econometrician Environmental Economist Financial Economist Labour Market Economist Resource Economist Taxation Economist Transport Economist

Arts Administrator

Arts administrators manage artistic and cultural venues such as theatres and art galleries.


Auctioneers conduct sales at which property or goods are sold to the person offering the highest purchase price.

Word Processing Operator

Word processing operators type, edit and print documents, using computers with word processing software programmes and printers.

Specialisations: Audio Transcript Typist Data Processing Operator Offline Captioner