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Telecommunications Engineer

Telecommunications engineers plan, design, construct and install complex telecommunications networks and associated broadcasting equipment.

Specialisations: Telecommunications Network Planner and Designer Telecommunications Optical Network Specialist

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications technicians install, maintain and repair telecommunications and broadcasting networks and equipment.

Textile Mechanic

Textile mechanics set up, adjust and maintain machines used in the textile, clothing and footwear industries.

Tool and Die Setter

Tool and die setters set up and adjust machine tools and production machines, such as automatic lathes or multiple-operation machines.

Trade Measurement Officer

Trade measurement officers monitor the marketplace with respect to goods sold by measure to ensure the accuracy of claimed or advertised measurements. Typical transactions using measurement include fuel purchased for motor vehicles and goods purchased by weight in supermarkets.

Watch and Clock Repairer

Watch and clock repairers clean, repair and adjust mechanical and electronic timepieces.

Water and Wastewater Plant Operator

Water and wastewater plant operators control the pumping of water for supply and storage. They treat water to purify it or to remove waste in order to meet various national standards.