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App designers create programs for smartphones, tablets and computers. They work in a range of industries and across a number of platforms, including Apple iOS and macOS, Google Android, and Windows. An app designer may create games, weather apps, social networking tools, maps and navigation programs, and much more.

Aquaculture farmers direct, coordinate and perform farming operations to breed and raise fish and other aquatic stock such as oysters, crayfish, marron or prawns.

Aquaculture technicians are involved in freshwater and marine farming and hatchery management, as well as research into farmed species. They can be involved in equipment design, site development and research, and the harvesting, processing and shipment of products.

Aquarium Assistants care for and sell aquatic animals. They also provide advice to customers on animal selection and care.

Archaeologists study past human societies by recovering, recording, analysing and interpreting material remains and other important evidence, such as cultural artefacts, food remains, skeletal remains, environmental evidence and landscapes.

Architects use creativity and a practical understanding of structures and materials to develop concepts, plans, specifications and detailed drawings for buildings and other structures. They negotiate with builders and planning authorities, administer building contracts and inspect work that has been carried out.

Architectural draftspeople complete architects' and other designers' concepts by preparing documents (drawings or plans) and liaising with builders and contractors.

Archivists analyse and document records. They also plan and perform procedures for the safekeeping of records and historically valuable documents. This may include working closely with written records, files, maps, plans, letters, books, certificates, diaries and registers. Records also include other media such as photographs, films, sound recordings, microfilms and electronic or computer records.

Army Officers command, train and motivate soldiers in one of many military specialisations. They are the leaders and managers of the Army, working at the middle and executive management level.

As a Soldier, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles. With over 50 roles to choose from, you can serve as a tank driver, infantry soldier or also work in administration, transport, trades, aviation, logistics or communications.

Army Trades undertake a wide range of tasks for the Australian Army, including the construction, maintenance and repair of Army equipment in Australia and overseas.

Art directors (advertising) create visual ideas to be used in the development of advertising and communication programs, and plan and execute the campaign.

Art therapists work with a client or a group of clients to help them address emotional and psychological issues through creative activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting and collage.

AI Specialists use and create computer systems that collect information, employ decision-making and then act on it to solve issues across businesses.

Artists conceive and create visual representations to investigate, respond to or communicate an impression or idea.

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