How to become a Light Engine Mechanic

Light Engine Mechanic

Light engine mechanics test, service and repair small engines and parts in boats and other small engine-powered equipment such as chainsaws, brush-cutters, lawnmowers, pumps and stationary engines.

Personal requirements for a Light Engine Mechanic

  • Enjoy practical and manual activities
  • Able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • Normal eyesight and hearing
  • Aptitude for technical activities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Able to read and interpret technical information from service manuals
  • No skin allergies or reactions to grease, oil or petrol.

Education & Training for a Light Engine Mechanic

To become a light engine mechanic, you usually have to complete an apprenticeship or traineeship. Entry requirements may vary, but employers generally require Year 10.

Additional information

Employees of franchised dealerships usually receive training in the service and repair of machines from their manufacturer.

Duties & Tasks of a Light Engine Mechanic

Light engine mechanics:

  • Determine mechanical and electrical faults through discussion with users, listening to engines and using specialised testing equipment
  • Dismantle faulty engine assemblies, check parts using precision measuring equipment and refer to workshop manuals
  • Clean, lubricate and tune engines to ensure they run properly
  • Repair damaged or faulty parts by straightening, welding, machining or hand-making new metal parts
  • Repair and adjust electrical faults
  • Remove small dents in panels, spray paint and do minor trim repairs
  • Set up and water-test outboard motors.


  • Dismantles and removes engine assemblies, transmissions, steering mechanisms and other components, and checks parts..
  • Detects and diagnoses faults in engines and parts..
  • Repairs and replaces worn and defective parts and reassembles mechanical components, and refers to service manuals as needed..
  • Reassembles engines and parts after being repaired..
  • Performs scheduled maintenance services such as oil changes, lubrications and engine tune-ups to achieve smoother running of vehicles and ensure compliance with pollution regulations..

Employment Opportunities for a Light Engine Mechanic

Light engine mechanics are employed by outboard engine firms, chainsaw dealers and lawnmower repair firms. They may also run their own businesses. Career opportunities include field service, supervision, sales, management and teaching.


Lawnmower Mechanic

A lawnmower mechanic diagnoses faults and performs necessary repairs on lawnmowers and related equipment.

Outboard Motor Mechanic

An outboard motor mechanic diagnoses faults and performs necessary repairs on boat engines.

  • Average age
    Average age
    41 years
  • Future Growth
    Future Growth
  • Gender Share
    Gender Share
    1% female
  • Average full-time
    Average full-time
    43 hours
  • Weekly Pay
    Weekly Pay
  • Skill level rating
    Skill level rating
    Medium skill
  • Unemployment
    Lower unemployment
  • Full-Time Share
    Full-Time Share
    82% Full-Time
  • Employment Size
    Employment Size
    1,700 workers
  • Employment Size
    Employment by state
    ACT: 0.9%
    NSW: 27.8%
    NT: 2.0%
    QLD: 29.4%
    SA: 4.5%
    TAS: 4.0%
    VIC: 21.3%
    WA: 10.0%
  • Employment Size
    Age brackets
    15-19: 9.3%
    20-24: 11.1%
    25-34: 18.6%
    35-44: 17.2%
    45-54: 22%
    55-59: 10.1%
    60-64: 7.1%
    65 and Over: 4.5%
  • Employment Size
    Education level
    Advanced Diploma/Diploma: 3.2%
    Bachelor degree: 1.5%
    Certificate III/IV: 64%
    Post Graduate/Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate: 0.2%
    Year 10 and below: 16.9%
    Year 11: 5.4%
    Year 12: 8.9%
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