How to become a Survey Assistant

Survey assistants help surveyors measure and analyse the position, shape and elevation of the Earth's natural features (such as hills, valleys and waterways) and to determine land boundaries for housing estates, building sites, reservoirs, roads and drainage systems.

Personal requirements for a Survey Assistant

  • Good observation skills
  • Able to work accurately and carefully
  • Interested in the environment and working outdoors
  • Able to work as part of a team.

Duties & Tasks of a Survey Assistant

Survey assistants may perform the following tasks:

  • Clear vegetation and debris so that measurements may be taken
  • Transport, assemble, dismantle and maintain surveying equipment
  • Peg out boundaries under supervision and set out construction works
  • Assist surveyors or survey technicians in measuring angles, distances and elevations using tape, steel bands, or more sophisticated equipment that use radio and light waves
  • Record measurements manually or in an electronic field-data recorder.

Working conditions for a Survey Assistant

Survey assistants work in a range of surveying areas, such as land (cadastral), hydrographic (surveys of waterways), engineering and mining.They are required to work outdoors on survey sites, and may work in remote areas for prolonged periods. If employed in mine surveying, they may be required to work underground.

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