Australian Catholic University (ACU)

At ACU we pride ourselves on offering a welcoming environment for everyone. At the same time, we are a university committed to standing for something clear. We are the university for people who look beneath the surface, and are stronger than external expectations and superficial measures of success. We stand up for people in need and causes that matter.

2018 Australian Catholic University Ratings and Rankings

These ratings for Australian Catholic University were published in The Good Universities Guide 2018. Data is sourced from graduates four months post-graduation and other public sources.

Top 20% in AUS

Outside top 20% in AUS

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Rating Types University Ratings Field of Study Ratings
Social Equity 12.00%
Staff Qualification 83.00%
Student Demand
L: 55% M: 40% H: 5%
Student Retention Less than 1%
Student:Teacher Ratio 26:1
Learner Engagement 67.50%
Learning Resources 87.20%
Overall Experience 82.70%
Skills Development 84.80%
Student Support 75.10%
Teaching Quality 83.20%
Full-Time Employment 73.00%
Starting Salary $57,000
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