Course fees at University of Canberra

The fees outlined below represent minimum cost of tuition for domestic students taking postgraduate courses - before subsidies, Fee Help, etc. Note that cost can vary between campuses for the same course and in this case we have aimed to capture the lowest figures. Please contact this provider directly using the enquiry form on the right hand for further information.

Graduate Certificate in Accounting $25,400.00
Graduate Certificate in Business $25,400.00
Graduate Certificate in Business Informatics $22,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Creative and Cultural Futures $23,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Design Strategies $23,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Education $18,300.00
Graduate Certificate in Geo-Spatial Health $19,100.00
Graduate Certificate in Government Law $24,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Health Leadership and Management $22,300.00
Graduate Certificate in Health Research $22,800.00
Graduate Certificate in Heritage Materials Conservation $23,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Human Movement Science $26,500.00
Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition $22,300.00
Graduate Certificate in Information Technology $25,500.00
Graduate Certificate in International Development $20,600.00
Graduate Certificate in Midwifery (Re-entry) $19,100.00
Graduate Certificate in Pharmacotherapy $22,300.00
Graduate Certificate in Social Media and Public Engagement $18,000.00
Graduate Certificate in Sports Analytics $22,300.00
Graduate Certificate in Strength and Conditioning $20,100.00
Graduate Certificate in TESOL and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) $21,300.00
Graduate Diploma in Accounting $25,400.00
Graduate Diploma in Business $25,400.00
Graduate Diploma in Business Informatics $22,500.00
Graduate Diploma in Counselling $41,800.00
Graduate Diploma in Creative and Cultural Futures $23,000.00
Graduate Diploma in Design Strategies $23,000.00
Graduate Diploma in Information Technology $25,500.00
Graduate Diploma in International Development $20,600.00
Graduate Diploma in Medical Ultrasound $69,000.00
Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Science $22,300.00
Graduate Diploma in TESOL and Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) $42,600.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Health Research $22,800.00
Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing $20,900.00
Executive Master of Public Administration $38,100.00
Master of Applied Clinical Epidemiology (Sport) $40,200.00
Master of Architecture $60,000.00
Master of Arts in Creative and Cultural Futures $46,000.00
Master of Business Administration $39,750.00
Master of Business Administration (Plus) $53,000.00
Master of Clinical Psychology $59,000.00
Master of Communication $33,000.00
Master of Counselling $41,800.00
Master of Data Science $59,000.00
Master of Design Strategies $46,000.00
Master of Education $36,600.00
Master of Education Studies $36,600.00
Master of Engineering $51,000.00
Master of Human Resource Management $50,800.00
Master of Information Technology $38,250.00
Master of Information Technology and Systems $51,000.00
Master of International Business $50,800.00
Master of International Development $41,200.00
Master of Marketing Management $50,800.00
Master of Medical Imaging $86,250.00
Master of Midwifery Practice $38,200.00
Master of Nutrition and Dietetics $53,000.00
Master of Occupational Therapy $59,000.00
Master of Optometry $61,400.00
Master of Pharmacy $59,000.00
Master of Physiotherapy $70,000.00
Master of Primary Teaching $36,600.00
Master of Professional Accounting $50,800.00
Master of Public Health $33,450.00
Master of Secondary Teaching $36,600.00
Master of Speech Pathology $59,000.00
Master of Strength and Conditioning $30,150.00
Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) $42,600.00
Master of Applied Arts & Humanities (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Applied Science (Research) $59,000.00
Master of Arts in Government (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Arts in Tourism (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Business (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Education (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Health (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Information Sciences (Research) $45,600.00
Master of Law (Research) $45,600.00
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology $118,000.00
Doctor of Philosophy $92,000.00
Professional Doctorate in Nurse Practitioner (Research) $68,400.00
Professional Doctorate in Public Administration (Research) $91,200.00
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